Makita XML03PT1 Review: Why It Might Be an Ideal Pick?

At the point when we tried 24 mowing devices for our best gas mower and Makita xml03pt1 review, we weren’t altogether sure how the most current Makita cordless grass cutter would deal with its opposition.

It’s an all-around fabricated tool, yet its 18″ sharp edge width needed to go up against 20″ and 21″ models. 

While the more modest deck size certainly functions admirably for more modest yards, it’s also an authentic competitor for medium-size yards.

Let’s learn more about the Makita xml03pt1 review!

Makita XML03PT1 Review

Makita is a grounded name in the power device industry with great items through numerous ventures. Let’s start our Makita xml03pt1 review!

Their XML03PT1 18″ Electric Lawn Mower Kit is intended to run on two 18 Volt batteries all at once to make an incredible 36 Volt cutting framework. They likewise incorporate an additional two lithium-particle batteries for a sum of four.

It allows you to control the stature of the cut from as low as possible. This incorporates a “Peaceful Mode” include that runs the cutting edges at a steady 2,500 RPMs

Two batteries are there for the cutting edges for up to 7,300 square feet on a solitary charge. Be that as it may, this bundle accompanies an aggregate of four batteries.

At the point when each of the four is entirely energized, you can trade them out for up to 14,600 square feet on a solitary charge.

The Makita XML03PT1 accompanies a double port Rapid Optimum Charger. It’s additionally IPX4 evaluated for climate and water obstruction.

This implies that the seals on the electric parts are basically “Sprinkle Proof” to the place where they can deal with incidentally going through a bit of puddle or, in any event, bearing a light summer downpour.

It additionally keeps dust from attacking the electric parts and moving parts.

Remember that the Makita XML03PT1 isn’t sufficiently waterproof to deal with a splashing with a nursery hose, or in any event, being forgotten about in a substantial summer storm.

The higher limit, at last, means fewer stops to need to exhaust clippings during a long cutting meeting. We will learn more on Makita xml03pt1 review at the later part of this article.


  • Cutting voltage 36 Volt.
  • Batteries (four 18 Volt 5 Ah) are included.
  • Rapid Optimum Charger with Dual Ports.
  • Quiet Mode at 2,500 RPM.
  • Weather resistance rating of IPX 4.
  • On two batteries, you can cover 7,300 square feet.
  • The total area of up to 14,600 square feet.
  • Grass Collector Bagger, 16 Gallon


  • Little Heavy
  • Not Self-Propelled

Performance & Basic Features of Makita XML03PT1

Cutting Power

We start our Makita xml03pt1 review with the cutting power. The Gen 2 Makita cordless cutter sat directly in the center of the pack when we tried edge tip speeds.

Under no-heap, the cutting edge tips turn at a disappointing 133.6 MPH. Considering the highest point of the push trimmer class was at 173.3 MPH, and one moved pioneer enlisted 198.7 MPH, it’s an unsettling start.

In any case, Makita’s solidarity stands out. They control their brushless engines under load, and the speed gets rapidly.

With simply the week after week cutting of burden, the rate doesn’t increment by any means, allowing you to monitor your batteries. No other push or self-impelled cordless cutter expanded as much as Makita.

Torment Test

The exhibition was noteworthy enough for us to allow it to enter our torment cut test—5 weeks’ worth of development with downpour consistently.

Eventually, it did pretty well, enduring 30.5′. It’s a similar distance still had the option to pull off. However, a few cordless models had the opportunity to accomplish more.

The critical point is that this Makita cordless cutter makes a fine showing when you stay aware of your cutting during the pinnacle of the developing season. 

It’s equipped for keeping up if you let the yard go a couple of additional days, yet you will have to dial back and cut half areas. That is entirely typical by any means for cordless cutters.

Cutting Area

A few brands mess around with a 21″ trimmer that truly utilizes a sharp edge that is more modest than Makita.

Performance Ability

The double 18 Volt batteries for a 36 Volt cutting framework make it a robust device.

It’s also essential that a couple of other electric yard care apparatuses in the Makita line likewise utilize similar 18 Volt batteries. 

Some of them don’t accompany batteries included. Along these lines, assuming that you are brand-faithful to Makita, this bundle might have added esteem.


Assuming there is something to gripe about with the Makita XML03PT1, it’s a general weight. The actual cutter isn’t self-moved and can be a little substantial when pushing up a slope. Particularly assuming the 16-gallon bagger is almost complete.


The overall cutting quality is up to the mark. However, you could reset the cutting according to your preferable setting.


Electric lawnmowers like the Makita XML03PT1 are continually simpler to keep up with than their internal combustion cousins of a similar size. 

The main thing is making sure to re-energize the batteries later each utilization. Then, at that point, you should supplant the cutting edges each a few years, relying upon how frequently you cut and how enormous your yard is.

Extraordinary FEATURES

The 2,500 RPM “Calm Mode” is most certainly something you’ll like if you live with neighbors close by or you attempt to get some grass cut while your children are sleeping.

The 16-pound grass authority allows you to slice for longer without purging it. This is the kind of thing you may be searching for, assuming that you have a huge yard.

Simultaneously, it would help if you didn’t neglect the IPX4 Water opposition rating. This implies that it can persevere through an unexpected summer downpour or keep dust from invading the electric parts.

Height Adjustment and Range

With regards to push trimmers, Makita brings a ton to the table. There is no repudiation in how individuals are searching for a choice to internal combustion open-air power gear.

Makita goes with the well-known single-point stature change framework. Nonetheless, Makita’s steel deck helps keep the unit unbending, and it’s a good light cutter to deal with the load on one switch.

You pass up the capacity to set the front wheels one stage higher to develop packing execution further.

Is Makita Better Than Other Mower?

Makita grass cutters have truly broken into the market and become well known in recent years. This is because, indeed, they know batteries. They fostered the first brushless engine (the sort each electric trimmer assembling utilizes) in 2004.

The Makita yard trimmer can step in where gas cutters have generally been utilized and give as great, if worse, of a task. However, because an organization knows batteries, it doesn’t mean they can make a great yard cutter.

Underneath, we will take a gander at probably the best Makita grass cutters. One of the incredible delights of claiming a battery-controlled yard mower is a low commotion. 

This Makita lawn-mower is one of the calmest, enrolling only 77 decibels. Regarding highlights, having a self-pushed drive is the most significant assist you with canning get. While this Makita cordless grass cutter is a push trimmer, some strong ideas (perhaps Gen 3 will be self-impelled).


What number of batteries does the Makita contain?

Two 18V LXT Batteries fuel each Makita yard trimmer with the additional choice to embed two extra batteries for broadened run time.

Does Makita have a roller?

There are no back rollers to give you a decent striped impact on the cut ways. You will forever be restricted to the timeframe the battery will work before you want to re-energize, so you ought to keep away from more extensive kind nurseries no matter what.

Is Makita Worth It?

Makita is the ablest and extensive of all the significant power apparatus brands in OPE. 

They have an extensive scope of instruments on both the 18V and 18V X2 stages alongside proficient level gas gear, including their MM4 4-stroke innovation.

Is Makita Lawn Mower Japanese?

Makita was established in 1915 in Nagoya – a modern city in Japan. The business initially sold and fixed light installations, engines, and transformers.

Wrapping Up

Finally, the Makita xml03pt1 review comes to an end. We recommend this mower for the experts.

There are no gas, vapor, or muddled oil changes to manage. You do need to supplant the sharp cutter edges like clockwork, yet this is valid for pretty much all lawn-mowing works.

The way you get four batteries with this buy and utilize them with other yard care devices adds to the general worth.

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