How To Make A Lawn Mower Faster?

A slow lawnmower machine can be a disaster for a happy mowing task. It would be best if you did not accept the slowing down of the device. So what can you do that make your mower faster, like new? Don’t worry. Our experts will save you from this problem.

Mowing with a lawnmower for a long time can be a reason for the mower’s slowing down. Again any mechanical damage or issue may be the reason for slowing down.

A faster lawnmower can save considerable time and smooth grass cutting experience. So, make your machine smooth and quicker with the help of our experts’ suggestions.

Why Do You Need To Make Lawnmower Faster?

The faster lawnmower makes a happy moment on the lawn. No one

wants a bad experience gardening or taking care of the lawn for their tools. A slow lawnmower can destroy your Sunday morning’s happy mowing moment.

So, it is essentially like a mower; all the gardening tools remain up to the mark and upgraded. Why is it essential to get the faster mower? Let’s discuss it.

The human being is a very conscious living being about to decorate their home. Gardening or taking care of the lawn is a ubiquitous part of the decoration. The decorating and these tasks also give the people a refreshing and enjoyable experience.

But the slow mowing experience can destroy the enjoyment. Slowing down the mower’s machine is a significant issue. You have to understand it can cause the dangerous malfunctioning of the lawnmower.

So, when you feel that your lawnmower is getting slower day by day, don’t be late to check the problem.

Generally, for ordinary people, it is tough to find the reason. But we are here to give the ways that may happen for your slow mower. Experts shared their experiences and observations about the slowing down mowers and malfunctioning.

So, stay tuned. Learn how to find out the problem of the mower and fix it.

How To Do It

1. Engine Pulley

Increasing the size of the pulley can be a process to get a faster lawnmower. In the market, you will find the belt system lawnmower. 

If the pulley of the lawnmower is heavier than its machine power, then the lawnmower’s speed can be decreased.

One mower is attached to the machine, and another is attached to the crankshaft. If you increase the pulley size, then the mower gets faster.

2. Changing Engine Oil

Not taking care of the engine oil can be a problem for slowing down the machine. You should treat the lawnmower’s oil like the car’s oil. Like car oil, you have to change the mower’s oil. 

Moreover, you have to choose the right oil for your mower. After changing the oil, you need to give some time to see the result about the mowing speed. If you are satisfied, then change for new oil.

3. Air Filter Cleaning

A neat and clean machine gives a top-notch service. So, cleaning the mower is essential. A dirty air filter is a reason for the slow mower. You should often clear the air filter. 

The process of getting the power of the machine can be interrupted by a dirty air filter. Sometimes the air filter can be clogged. For that matter, you have to change the air filter immediately.

Generally, an air filter gives the machine more thrust. New users of the mower may not be aware of the air filter.

4. Governor Regulation

Governor is for the fuel controlling for the engine. If the engine gets the low energy for its real power, you will get the slow action of the machine. 

That’s why you have to increase the fuel passing to the engine. Besides that, over-consuming the fuel you can control with the fuel regulation. 

Over speeding also can be controlled by the governor. This spring is the main reason for regulating the speed of the lawnmower.

5. Maintenance of The Mower

Maintenance of the lawnmower can make it faster. You know that many parts of the engine get dirt for continuous mowing. 

Maintenance also reduces the downtime of the lawnmower. Besides that, you will find many malfunctions of the lawnmower when you are maintaining the mower regularly. Malfunction is one of the causes of not getting the faster mower.

6. Taking Care of Tires

Good quality tires can be the reason for the best quality of speed. Tires bear all the pressure and weight of the mower. So, you need to take care of the tires regularly. Moreover, defective tires can be the reason for lack of control and jerking.

7. Looking For Damage And Leak

Any damages to the machine and other parts are the cause of the slowing down.

Lots of injuries and accidents happen for leaks and damage to the lawnmower. You have to keep your lawnmower always fit and damage-free. 

Leakage of the oil tank or any other parts can damage the natural functioning of the engine. That causes the slowing down of the average speed.

8. Checking The Carburetor

Do you know what the carburetor does? If the carburetor somehow misses its job, the mower cannot get the right power and is slow. 

So, you have to examine the carburetor performance regularly. Clean your carburetor can make your mower faster. 

9. Replacing Mower Blades

It would help if you upgraded the blade after a specific time. A malfunctioning blade cannot cut the grass smoothly. 

It causes more friction and barrier to getting the hi-speed for the lawnmower. So, it would help if you super had super sharp blades always.

Besides that, the sharp, less, or dull blades cut the grass uneven. It makes your lawnmower so terrible. It would help if you had the sharpen blades always for your mower.

10. Increasing Airflow Of Engine

When the engine does not get more air, the machine gets weak, and the mower gets slow. It would help if you concentrated on the airflow regularly. The airflow makes the engine cool. Ditching the hood by the airflow also makes the mower faster.

You can follow a method that helps to get the airflow. Removing bolts from the hood and taking the hood off make the mower faster. The main thing of removing the hood is getting the airflow to the engine.

But you have to be aware of sorting the mower from other elements.

11. Take Care The Muffler

A problematic muffler is another reason not to get the faster mower. If you have a problem with the muffler, like holes or damages, these should be repaired.

How do you fix a damaged muffler? You can set the damper for $30. However, replacing the muffler is the best thing to do.

12. Checking The Spark Plug

An unclean and damaged spark plug can cause the slowing mower. If you want a faster mower, you need to clean the spark plug. The optimal firing of the spark plug is required for the engine to be faster.

It is also the cause of starting the mower. So, if the mower gets into trouble to begin, you should check the spark plug.

13. Follow The Regular Mowing

Do not cut long grass every time with the lawnmower because the engine and parts of the mower can be damaged.

Longer grass needs more power to cut. That’s why it may cause functional damage. 

So, mowing should be done when the grass is not so long. Regularly cut your grass.

14. Checking Oil Level

Oil makes the parts of the lawnmower lubricate. Getting worn out by the lack of sufficient oil is a common phenomenon to not getting faster mowing. So, use the right level of clean oil to prevent the worn out.

15. Mowing Pattern

Mowing should be done in pattern always. That makes the mowing faster. You will not find enough torque for the engine if you don’t follow the way. With the fewest turn of patterns, the mowing can be faster.

So, try to use the fewest turning pattern that makes your mowing faster and smooth.

16. Checking The Drive Belt

What is the radial torque of the engine? Radial torque is an essential part of the engine that makes the engine faster. 

A faulty drive belt is the cause of less torque. And engine torque maintains the speed of the machine.

A worn or fault belt can slip to make the torque. So, if you want to get a faster lawnmower, you always have to maintain the best quality drive belt.

17. Understanding The Mower Ability

Overgrown grass is tough to cut with any mower. So, you should cut your grass regularly. It is like don’t cut more than the mower can chew. Cutting overgrown grass is the reason for slow-moving.

Who does not love gardening? Taking care of the lawn is gratifying to work. It makes you happy and refreshing. But a slow mowing can make this peace work a terrible experience.

It would help if you kept your mower constantly upgraded and well maintained. Not taking care of the mower is foolish to work. Please keep it clean and upgraded. It will remain faster and smoother.

A lawnmower is a sensitive device that needs to be maintained accurate way. Otherwise, you can’t get the maximum benefit of it. If you are careless about the device, you can’t expect it to perform like a pro.

Upgrade Your Mowing Technique

How do you take care of your lawn? Did you analyze your mowing method? Your technique can be wrong to get the faster mowing. 

If you search all the problems above and find nothing in the mower, we suggest you change your mowing method.

However, we have discussed plenty of problems that cause the slow-moving. It can be the problem of your mowing method that takes more time. It is not about the mower.

To get faster mowing, you have to examine different mowing methods. You need to apply the correct manner according to your lawn size and condition. If you find the right way, you can also reduce mowing time.

First, find out the obstacles or challenges on the lawn. Then observe what the easiest and faster way to solve the challenges is. Maintain the time also. The number of turns is vital that wastes time.

Find out how you can reduce the turns and get an easy mowing pattern. That will reduce the time, and you can finish the mowing faster.


Q: Why is oil checking very important for lawnmower speed?

Answer: Dirty or old oil cannot make the mower work better. That’s why you will get the lower output from the engine. Moreover, it can reduce the performance of the parts of the machine. So you should change the oil often.

Q: What is the cause of the carburetor problem?

Answer: The leading cause for the carburetor problem is slowing down the lawnmower machine.

Q: How do you know that your drive belt is not in great touch?

Answer: When you observe that the drive belt gets faulty or brittle, then you should change the drive belt. A new drive belt gives the boost of the lawnmower’s speed.

Q: Is the size of the pulley matter for the mower speed?

Answer: Yes, a giant pulley increases the mower speed. But you have to increase the pulley size gradually. 

Q: What does the governor work?

Answer: Governor is for controlling the fuel flow in the engine. So when you want to increase the oil flow in the machine, you have to hold the governor.

Wrapping Up

Experts believe all these tips and methods will help you get a faster mowing experience. 

Improving the mower parts and maintenance will help you get the faster mower. Follow the methods you can find enjoyment in lawn mowing.

Happy mowing is the right for a lawn owner. And a faster lawnmower is the key to happy mowing. So, take the solution and enjoy the comfortable mowing.

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