greenworks 25142 review

Greenworks 25142 Review: Why It Should Be On Your Priority List?

Taking care of the lawn can be a horror story if your lawnmower is not the right one. 

Do you feel irritated and frightened to take care of your lawn? Then, you don’t have the right lawnmower. And it would help if you read this Greenworks 25142 review.

Our professionals have found the best mower brand in the market. The name of the mower brand is Greenworks. 

Who doesn’t want to get his home’s neat and clean yard? And we have found that perfect Greenworks mower to keep the ideal lawn. 

You will be happy to know this Greenworks model has the best quality features. 

That gives it the power to go next level. So, to know the best quality mower, you have to stay with us.

What Is A Lawnmower?

A lawnmower is a machine that cuts the grass with one or more than one revolving blade. 

Many mowers have height adjustment features, and many don’t have the parts. You can get your comfort height to cut the grass by adjusting the size.

The lawnmower has wheels to carry and go forward to the grass. Besides that, wheels and the revolving blades are mechanically connected with the machine. 

You will find many kinds of lawnmowers in the market. One is the single-blade style that is called rotary mower. 

The single blade rotates in a single vertical axis. It is a popular style of the market.  Another style of the mower is a reel or cylinder mower. Do you know what the feature of this lawnmower is? 

Generally, the reel or cylinder lawnmower has multiple blades that rotate according to one horizontal axis. That means you have to push the lawnmower from behind to go forward and cut the grass. 

On the other hand, riding mowers are designed for a ride on it when you are cutting the grass.

The riding mowers are like the small tractors with assembled blades under the mower. Also, nowadays, the “Mowbot” is getting popular, controlled by the remote.

In this Greenworks 25142 review, you will find a thorough discussion about the best quality lawnmower. So, stay tuned.

Why Greenworks 25142 Lawnmower?

In the market of mowers, you will find many types of mowers. You will find the brands that have much popularity. 

According to the different models and brands, you will find different prices for the lawnmower. But are all the lawnmowers in the best qualities? Can you believe in every brand of lawnmower?

Our professionals have researched the different types of lawnmowers of other brands. They have found the groundbreaking results of the research. 

You will be happy that they have found the brands you can blindly rely on.

Our professionals have found the best brand’s best models according to effective mowing. 

One of the best brands of lawnmower is Greenworks. And the best model of this brand is Greenworks 25142.

So let’s talk about why Greenworks 25142 is the best lawnmower. First of all, the Greenworks 25142 has the best quality powerful machine that helps to create strong torque of the blade. 

The next part is the best quality of technology. You will find the latest technologies to build the Greenworks 25142. 

For example, the cord locking system allows hassle-free movement with the cord and mower.

Furthermore, the mower has a rear bag and mulch. Also, the mower has 70+ different tools. 

So, you don’t need to buy them separately.

With the green and black color, the Greenworks mower is the best-looking market. 

You don’t need to push harder to go forward with the lightweight. The wheels are very easy-going and swift.

In Greenworks 25142 review, we are drawing a whole scenario about the Greenworks 25142.

Greenworks 25142 16-inch Corded Lawn Mower Review

Greenworks 25142

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 28.4 x 15.75 x 20.3 inches.
  • Weight: ‎37.5 pounds.
  • Cutting Width: 16 inches.
  • Operation Mode: Manual.
  • Number of Positions: 5.
  • Style: Corded.
  • Power Source: Corded Electric.
  • Color: Black & Green.

Finding the best quality lawn mower of your will end up here to get the Greenworks 25142 16-inches Corded Mower. 

So why is the Greenworks 25142 Lawn Mower best? Yes, we are going to explain in this Greenworks 25142 review.

In this Greenworks 16 inch 10 Amp corded electric lawn mower 25142 review, you will find a detailed discussion about the best quality lawn mower for anyone. 

It is the best for the small yards. That’s why you should buy the mower for your small yard.

You will get a 10 Amp electric supply machine for the mower. You don’t need to think about wastage management with the rear bag. With the 16 inches cutting deck, you will see the finishing cutting of the grass. 

Besides that, the mower works faster than any other machine in the market. You will enjoy the time to finish cutting the grass.

In this Greenworks 25142 review, we also discuss the height adjustment of the Greenworks 25142. You will get a 5 adjustment system with this great mower. 

From 5 to 8 inches and from 2 to 5/8 inches of cutting height, you will find in this mower.

So, you can select any height as you like and comfortable. Why do you miss the chance to get an effortless and enjoyable grass-cutting experience with the Greenworks 25142?

The current supply is enough to get the strong power to cut the grass. For this durable 16 inches cutting deck, the power supply is enough that give fluent grass cutting experience.

The runtime of the mower is unlimited. You will be amazed to know that the mower doesn’t need any rest after starting for the mower. With the AC corded 10 Amp power system, you will get a sufficient boost to cut grass.

With the 150 feet long cord, you can get the power supply from anywhere in your home. 

Also, you don’t need any other codes for it. Seven inches wheels of rear and 6 inches of front wheels make the lawnmower swift and convenient.

Also, you will get the portable handle with the mower. The portable hand helps you to carry the mower easily. 

The mower has a cord locking system or cord-resistant system for safety mowing. 

So, you can keep the cord connected, but nothing has to worry about the power connection. It will remain safe.

With the mower, you will get more than 70 tools. You don’t need any gas or oil to run this great mower. Also, no emission is required for it.

We have discussed details about Greenworks 25142 mower in this Greenworks 25142 review. 

You can compare the mower with other mowers also. We think you will not find a better one than this. So, don’t be late to purchase the Greenworks mower.


1. With Various Tools

You will get all more than 70 tools with the Greenworks 25142 mower. You don’t need any professionals to install and maintain the mower because of these tools. 

These tools are beneficial. You have to buy the tools to maintain the mower for another brand’s mower. 

But with Greenworks, you will find the standards unrestricted.

2. Easy Functioning

You will find the Greenworks 25142 is very easy to function and use. It is like plug-and-play. You can power up and start to clean your lawn. 

Furthermore, the mower would not stop the work with the swift machine.

3. Safe

The mower is very safe and sound. As the Geenworks 25142 mower is corded, the mower has a safety cord-resistant system. Again the mower does not produce any noise at all.

4. Smooth Cutting

You will be delighted about the grass cutting of the mower. With the Greenworks 25142 mower, you will find mowing is very smooth and very gentle. 


  • It is 16 inches 2 in 1 mower.
  • With 10 Amp electric motor.
  • Durable and 16 inches cutting blade.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight and with adjusting mode.
  • No oil or gas is needed to run the machine.
  • Either no emission is required.
  • With the cord-resistant system.
  • With 150 feet long cord.
  • More than 70 tools are with it.
  • Easy to move with portable handle.
  • With rear bag and mulch.
  • 5 adjustment of positions.


  • It takes more time for a small cutting path.
  • The rear bag is more diminutive.
  • Not for a larger yard.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We recommend the Greenworks 25142 16-inches Corded Mower for the easiest and safest lawn mower in the market. 

Besides that, the shape of the mower is very convenient and perfect. You can enjoy the whole experience of mowing with Greenworks 25142.

Furthermore, the mower is the right one for fast cutting. Our professionals discussed why it is the best one for buying in this Greenworks 25142 review. 

So buy the Greenworks 25142 without any hesitation.

Why Greenworks Is Beneficial Than Other Brands?

Greenworks is a very reliable brand for cutting the grass for your lawn.

With the powerful machine, sufficient coded feature, sufficient cutting width, least weight of the mower, effective cutting architecture, the Greenworks is the perfect combination of cutting grass for your lawn.

The latest and powerful technology is provided for the Greenworks mower. Greenworks always prior the customer demands. They always think about how to improve themselves.

With the swift machine and durable cutting blade, you will get the easiest cutting experience for the Greenworks. Moreover, it gives the tools with their device free.

With these tools, you can install and maintain the lawnmower easily. you do not need any professional hands for doing this job. Mowing is effortless with Greenworks mowers.

You will also find the rear bag and mulch with the Greenworks mower. For these facts, the mower is the best in the market.


Q: Is Greenworks 25142 a good lawnmower?

Answer: Yes, Greenworks 25142 is the best quality lawnmower in the market. We like it a lot because of its lightweight and compact, impressive battery runtime and quick charge time, mowing and mulching capability, and ease of use and storage.

Greenworks 25142 Lawn Mower FAQs

Q: Is Greenworks 25142 a cordless lawnmower?

Answer: No, Greenworks 25142 has a cord system. And the cord is 150 feet long. So, you won’t face any problem getting a power connection from your home to the yard.

Q: Who does make Greenworks 25142?

Answer: Globe group makes the Greenworks 25142 for the people. Greenworks is the brand of the Globe group.

Q: Is Greenworks 25142’s 16 inches deck size a good one?

Answer: Yes, Greenworks 25142’s 16 inches deck is the best for a small yard. Moreover, this model is designed for the small yard taking care.

Q: What is the main advantage of Greenworks 25142?

Answer: The main advantage of the Greenworks 25142 is the powerful machine. Besides that, the mower has more than 70 tools with it. In this Greenworks 25142 review, we have discussed thoroughly.

Wrapping Up

Finally, you have found the best quality mower that you can rely on. In this Greenworks 25142 review, we have tried to give the correct information about Greenworks 25142. 

You can blindly follow the discussion because our professionals have found it from the research.

At a reasonable price, you cannot find another mower like Greenworks 25142. The well-known & premium tool Greenworks 25142 Corded Electric Lawn Mower is not challenging to utilize and sufficiently light to work with one hand.

Most clients love the foldable handle and minimal size. It also brings excellent cash incentives, is less expensive than battery cutters, and has more minor issues contrasted with gas mowers.

From Greenworks 25142 review, you have learned about it. So, don’t be delinquent in buying this fantastic lawnmower for your home. Grab your mower today & enjoy your mowing.

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